2023 New Chassis Kia Niro

  Niro, which has hybrid and electric engine options produced by Kia in the C SUV class, has reached its second generation. The new case, Kia Niro, was shaped by the brand's new design language and appeared with a more interesting appearance. Let's get to know the general lines of this vehicle, which is equipped with Kia's current technological equipment as well as designer innovation. The Kia Niro was introduced to the SUV class as a front-wheel drive compact vehicle in 2016. The hybrid system of this vehicle, which is one of Kia's successful models, did a good job. So much so that with the record attempt made in 2016, it managed to enter the Guinness Book of Records by taking the title of being the hybrid vehicle with the lowest fuel consumption. Having reached its second generation last year, Niro is getting ready to hit the road this year. The new chassis Kia Niro has a coefficient of friction of 29 cd, and the wheelbase is 20 mm longer than the previous gen